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Here at HoustonNightLife.com, we have so many options, events, services, and specialty offers available, people are sure to have a few questions. Check through our Frequently Asked Questions below to find answers to most common inquiries.
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Bottle Service Faqs

Find everything you need to know about bottle service and how it works in Houston.

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What is bottle service?

Bottle Service is a commitment to purchase a minimum number of bottles to secure a private seating area where you and your group can sit down while enjoying a nightclub. This area is considered prime location. You will have a dedicated cocktail waitress, bar back, and security team.

How much is bottle service?

While the price of a bottle depends on the nightclub, the time of year, and the day of the week, prices in Houston nightclubs typically run between $200 – $600 per bottle plus tax, waitress gratuity, table tips, and other fees that can reinvent themselves. If you are looking to set up VIP table service in Houston; then contact our VIP Nightlife team today. Let us plan your next great Hollywood VIP day or night out. Give us a call at 832 371 6868.

What are the benefits of a VIP table?

  • VIP tables are a bundled package with VIP entry, admission, seating, a model cocktail server, and complimentary mixers such as sodas and juices.
  • Your group will receive a designated VIP section with plush booth seating. This is the only way to obtain seating in a nightclub. All other options are standing room only.
  • Your model server will craft your cocktails tableside or you have the flexibility to create your desired drink at a whim.
  • Most Houston venues can accommodate multiple price points depending on table location and party size.

Additional costs of table service?

Prices are before sales tax and service charges. Gratuity will be at your discretion the evening of your reservation. 16-20% is recommended.

Do i still have to wait in long lines to get inside nightclub?

Buying Bottle Service will ensure that you and your group the quickest possible entry into the nightclub. Buying Bottle Service means that your entire group’s entry into club is complimentary.

Do i get to pick my table location?

Your table location is dependent on your intended spend amount for the evening, the size of your group, and which tables have been sold in your price range. To ensure the best table location possible, book your table as early as you can. Keep in mind, during some events, Bottle Service tables may sell out.

Why not book VIP table on my own?

We take the mystery out of setting up a reservation. We offer hosts and points of contact at each venue, making your arrival and entry a hassle-free experience. On your own, you run the risk of tracking down the person you made the reservations with.

Do i get to choose the bottles?

Yes, every nightclub has a full menu with many options in each category of alcohol to choose from.

Do mixers come with the bottles?

Yes, a wide variety of mixers are included in the price of Bottle Service. Mixers include: Cranberry juice, Coke, Soda Water, Tonic, Orange juice and Sprite to name a few. Keep in mind that energy drinks such as Red Bull are sold separate.

Does size of group make a difference?

Yes, the larger your group, the higher the minimum spend will be. Depending on the nightclub, groups over 10-20 people may be required to purchase two tables.

Can i bring bottles home with me if i don’t drink them all?

No. Any unconsumed alcohol must be left inside of the nightclub.

Does table service price include tip?

No, the price of Bottle Service does not include gratuity for your server OR tax.

How much do I tip for table service?

Each table booking has a minimum spend – that is, the amount you need to spend on alcohol. The minimums that you are quoted never include tax/tip – which you can estimate to be about 30% (~10% tax, 18-20% tip). Gratuity is usually automatically included in the final bill at 18-20%.

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Dress Code Faqs

Majority of Houston top clubs have a dress code that they enforce. It’s pretty embarrassing to wait in line to get in and then be turned away. Find all to know about dress codes and how they work.

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Casual dress code, what do I wear?

With “casual dress”, anything goes. Let your comfort and the weather be your guide. Still, it’s important to use your best judgment. No matter how casual the dress, everything you wear should fit you well at your current weight, and be in good clean condition.

For The Ladies

‘Casual dress’ for women can include fashion t-shirts, peasant and cotton jersey blouses, fitted sweaters, and other tops including sleeveless, tank, and halter styles. These can be paired with denim jeans, Capri pants, shorts, or skirts. Shorts and skirts should be mid-thigh length or longer. If in doubt, match these with complementary leggings. Knee-length and maxi dresses are both great if you aren’t sure exactly how casual the venue is. Choose heels, flats, sandals or sneakers as appropriate.

For The Fellas

A casual dress code is a great occasion for designer tees and jerseys. Short or long sleeved button-up shirts are also a good choice, but even for casual dress an undershirt is a must. Denim is acceptable, as are shorts. For footwear, opt for sneakers, boots, sandals, deck shoes or canvas slip-on. If dressing for an evening event, banish white athletic socks to the back of the drawer and go for black socks only — ankle-length with shorts & sneakers, dress-length with jeans & slacks, or none at all with deck shoes or sandals.

What do men wear to nightclubs in Houston?

Male dress code is “business casual.” You don’t have to wear a tie, but dress like you are applying for a management position. No hats, tennis shoes/sandals/work boots, shorts, t-shirts, jerseys, athletic attire, denim jeans, baggy pants, etc. A collared button-down shirt and nice slacks is ideal.

Can I wear jeans to clubs in Houston?

Baggy or ripped clothes, tank tops, capris and cutoff jeans are also generally forbidden at top nightclubs in Houston. And, many venues don’t allow jeans or t-shirts.

What should I not wear?

That means nice jeans or slacks and a collared shirt for men, or a casual dress or slacks for women. For men, a sports coat is not necessary unless you are eating at a very expensive and pretentious restaurant. There are very few that fall into that category. Women can wear just about anything and be okay in Houston.

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Guest List Faqs

Learn all to know about Houston NightLife guest list services: eligibility, how to get on a list and more.

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What is guest list at a club?

A club’s guest list is a special promotion the venue offers separate from general admission during certain time restrictions. Each club has different benefits when you are signed up on their guest list. Some of the benefits of being on a club’s guestlist are: free entry, discounted cover charge, the ability to skip the line, and more. Entry is not guaranteed – it is subject to capacity. This is featured on select events only.

What does HoustonNightLife & VIPNightLife do?

HoustonNightLife and VIP NightLife: Their job is primarily to get people to the club (guest list, general admission, discounted admission, tickets); but are also able to assist with table reservations.

What happens when I fill out the guest list form?

We immediately put your information into our calendar and submit to the venue. You will receive a confirmation email outlining all instructions. If there’s an issue with your request for the Houston NightLife and or VIP NightLife guest list; then we will contact you as soon as we can and help you resolve it. Reminder: The guest list submissions close around 9pm, so make sure to sign up before then.

I am a guest of the hotel in which your event is located. Do I get free entry?

Please contact the hotel for options, such as room packages, that may be offered with discounted or complimentary entry.

Do guest lists work on holidays?

Most venues close guest lists on major holidays or for special events or performances due to the increased demand. Houston’s busiest holidays are: New Years, Super Bowl, March Madness, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and fight weekends.

Do I have to be 21?

While almost anything can happen in Houston, every venue abides by the law requiring all guests to be 21 years of age.

Any tips for getting in to Houston top clubs?

Male or female, you increase your chances of getting in and even getting the cover waived if you’re stylin’. Good-looking people are considered part of the decor. If the doorman thinks you’ll make the club look good or you look like you have money to spend, he has the power to pull you in front of the line and let you in free, guest list or not.

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Halloween Faqs

Feel the beat of our non-stop nightlife. Houston knows how to keep the party going — it’s the birthplace of house music, after all. Come experience the energy of Houston Halloween scene, from late-night dance floors to legendary venues and more.

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Where can I learn about Houston Halloween parties?

Find all you need to know about the best Halloween happenings in America’s Windy City here online.

What can I wear to Halloween events in Houston?

Costumes OR upscale nightlife attire are permitted. All costumes are welcomed as long as they aren’t offensive, rude or bullying in nature to other guests. Shoes are required. Fashionable sneakers are permitted if in costume.

Will I be the only one in costume?

Of course not! There is an equal mix of guests in costume and guests in upscale nightlife attire.

Can I wear a mask or use face paint?

Yes, but… Costumes that cover or alter the facial features of a guest must be able to be removed to allow for the ID checking process. If you alter your appearance beyond being able to distinguish your identity with photo ID you will not be permitted to enter the venue, or will be required to remove enough makeup to establish your identity.

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Ticketing Faqs

Got a question about payment methods, upgrades, or refunds? We’ve got answers. Find all to know about Houston ticketed events.

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How do l get my tickets?

Tickets are emailed to you from sales@ticketvibe.com. Ticketvibe.com is the ticketing services platform used by VIPNightlife.com AND HoustonNightLife.com.

How long does it take for Ticketvibe to email my tickets?

Your tickets are emailed to you immediately upon purchase.

I don’t see the e-tickets in my email inbox. Where are they?

Please check your spam folder, as your email server might have incorrectly placed them there. If so; then please add “ticketvibe.com” as a safe-sender domain.

How can I get my receipt and tickets re-emailed to me?

Log in by clicking the LOGIN link at the top of any Ticketvibe.com page, or if you are already logged in click on your first name at the top of the page. From there on the My Account page you’ll select “My Orders” to view your upcoming event tickets and re-send your receipt/tickets. If you are having trouble logging in, see the next question below.

What should I do if unable to log in to my account?

If you did not enter a password to make your purchase, or have forgotten it, you can reset it by clicking LOGIN at the top of any Ticketvibe.com page, and then clicking the “Forgot you password?” link. From there, follow the directions to receive a password reset email.

I entered the incorrect email address. How do I get my tickets?

Simply e-mail us at support@ticketvibe.com with the correct e-mail address and we will resend you your tickets.

Do I need to print out my ticket?

The choice is yours! We can either accept a printed ticket or we scan the ticket directly from your smartphone.

What is the difference between the confirmation email and the attached e-tickets?

The confirmation is simply the confirmation of your purchase for your personal records. The attached e-tickets are your tickets that grant you entry into your event.

Where do I find the address to the venue in my email?

The address to the venue is on your e-tickets, which is the attachment to your email confirmation.

I bought a group rate package of tickets but I only have one e-ticket, don’t I need more?

If you purchased a group, such as a single 5-pack, a single 10-pack, or a single bottle service table that includes multiple tickets, you will only receive a single e-ticket for that package. The check-in teams at the events will know what your package includes.

I purchased multiple individual tickets, why do I have multiple e-tickets attached to my confirmation?

If you purchased more than one of any product, you will have that many e-tickets attached to your confirmation. Each e-ticket is required for entry into the event.

The ticket price went up just before I was able to input my credit card information. Help?

Tickets are subject to increase in price or sell out at anytime. Once price increases, we are unable to honor a lower price. We encourage you to buy your tickets far in advance as the demand increases closer to the date.

What is the refund policy?

We focus on providing our guests with an unprecedented experience. As such, we cannot accommodate requests for refunds, cancellations, or date changes.

* For more FAQs about ticketing (e.g. checkout, changing tickets), please visit: vipnightlife.com/FAQ

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